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We turn data into insight

dataffirm is a free business intelligence tool for company info and director searches. We pull together numerous pieces of data so that you’ll get comprehensive insights into US companies, global firms and director profiles.

Our data is provided by OpenCorporates, who in turn source their data from the SEC, Companies House, Irish Companies Register, The Dutch Business Register, National Bank of Belgium, Bolagsverket, The Danish Central Business Register, Brønnøysund, and the Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés.

Whether you're looking for US company information, global companies to invest in, industry lists, using data for your CRM or risk management – we've got you covered.
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Search for a company

Do a company profile or director search in our comprehensive company database to find a list of firms in the USA and overseas to analyze the information that matters most.

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Stay informed

Get a complete picture of the business so you can assess its stability with company reports and director information. We give you the market intelligence you need to move forward with confidence.

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Gain valuable insight

Our vast set of free data makes it easy for you to find timely insights whether you’re looking for business leads, company contact information, manufacturers in USA, US tech companies, the next big startup, managing risk, lead generation or simply doing research.